Java Application Performance and Memory Management

by Matt Greencroft is a practical guide to improving performance for JVM applications. Based on the popular course available on the Virtual Pair Programmers and Udemy platforms, this book can be used as an accompaniment to the course, or as a standalone guide.

First edition published January 2022 - available as a paperback or for Kindle, on and (and other in other countries too!).

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About the book

The process to transition from being a new Java developer to a confident and competent coder is a difficult one. In this book, author and long-time Java trainer Matt Greencroft guides you through some of the topics that will help you take significant steps along this journey. It is packed with important information that experienced programmers should know and understand, together with practical advice on how to tune your applications and the JVM to get the best possible performance.

Rather than containing a theoretical, highly detailed understanding of the internals of the Java Virtual Machine, this book takes a practical approach. You’ll learn enough to get a good understanding of how the JVM works and how memory is managed in Java, how to make great coding choices, how to configure the JVM, and how to evaluate and benchmark different options to assess their performance metrics in a robust and manageable way.

Whether you have an existing application with performance issues to address, have taken one of Matt’s courses and are selecting this book as supporting material, or are simply wanting to advance your career by becoming a better programmer, this book will give you lots of knowledge and practical experience.

About the author

Matt Greencroft has been a professional trainer since 2012, specialising in advanced Java programming techniques. He is one half of the Virtual Pair Programmers’ team, who manage the largest online resource for Java training, and is a best selling Udemy instructor, with over 62,000 students and an average rating of 4.6.


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